Catholic Urban Programs Vieux Carre
Located at Highway 157 and Vieux Carre, the newly renamed “HUB” is short for “Hubbard” and also represents the services delivered in this facility: (H)ousing, (U)tilities, (B)asic Needs. “As we move forward into our new fiscal year, we do so with renewed purpose, aligned programs, and always with the legacy of our founders in mind,” said Toni Muhammad, Executive Director. “In our planning process something just clicked and we knew ‘The HUB’ was the perfect name for our facility and a great way to honor Joe Hubbard!”

Known mostly for our food pantry and utility assistance programs, The HUB will soon become home to our new ANCHORS Housing Navigation Resource Center. Long planned for a July 1st launch, CUP staff is working to revise its plans to accommodate as much virtual engagement as possible. Workshops on utility management, landlord/tenant rights, and budgeting are currently being planned virtually. Stay tuned for more information about the new ANCHORS program!